Jan 8, 2016: Chairman Imran Khan in a bid to remove growing tensions between KSA and Iran, met the ambassadors of both the countries to understand their point of view. Khan focused on striving for peace and reaping its dividends for the Ummah as a war between KSA and Iran would bring unitended negative consequences.

This move of providing leadership by Chairman Khan was greatly appreciated by insafians as well as neutral journalists. On this occassion PTI SMT launched hashtag #StatesmanIK which trended in Pakistan for more than 16 hours.

Hashtag: #AskPMLNSupporters
Date: April 5th 2016
Significance: This particular trend was launched in face of #panamaleaks revelations about the hidden assets of the PMLN leaders including PM. The purpose of this trend was to stir some though process among the PMLN voters for they’ve failed to ask relevant questions from their leadership. Chairman #IK has always encouraged all the voters to ask questions from whoever they chose to vote for and this trend followed the same thought process.

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Top Tweets:

@AsifktkAzizApr 4

#AskPMLNSupporters When will you people break shackles of slavery&will start believing that everything about your leaders is not Conspiracy

@Mashwani001Apr 4

#AskPMLNSupporters Request your leaders to show just "money trail".. Paisa kahan say aaya companies ka.. Documentary Evidence :)

@AmnaSuleimanApr 4

Why Maryam Nawaz Denied about Businesses when her Signatures are on Doc? #AskPMLNSupporters

@mobin772Apr 4View translation

#AskPMLNSupporters اگر ٹیکس سے بچنا ٹھیک ہے تو عوام پر انڈائریکٹ ٹیکسز کا اتنا بوجھ کیوں؟

@billzzzirajaApr 4

According to PMLN, these companies were established 20 years ago by Hassan and Hussein with their own capital. How come ? #AskPMLNSupporters

Hashtag: #NawazFoolingNation
Date: April 6th 2016
Significance: Ever since the #panamaleaks, PMLN representatives have been defending the offshore properties of the sharif in weird ways possible. Some absolutely denied the existence of any such companies, others acknowledge and tried to prove their legitimacy. PM NS gave another version in his address tonight full of contradictions again. So in his attempt to come clean by again mis-reporting to the nations, we launched this trend.

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@alisardar6604h4 hours agoView translation

#NawazFoolingNation ایک اور جوڈیشل کمیشن بن گیا یہ جوڈیشل کمیشن بعد میں کہے گا کہ وزیراعظم نوازشریف نے منظم کرپشن نہیں کی

@asadghafoorPTI3h3 hours ago

Probe Started in many Countries of World but in my country Judicial Commission formed...What a Democracy we have... #NawazFoolingNation

uzair mahmood @uzair6783h3 hours ago

How can overseas Pakistani invest in Pakistan on your call when your own childrens are doing business outside Pakistan ? #NawazFoolingNation

@Anaslqbal1h1 hour ago

Nawaz has told the truth,those who do corruption dont put their assets at their name. Like him! #NawazFoolingNation

@arslankhalid_m4h4 hours ago

When u were making off shore companies in 93, the tax u paid in Pakistan in next three yrs frm 94-97 was in hundreds #NawazFoolingNation

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