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  • Why Imran khan came into politics instead of doing social work?
  • Is Imran khan still doing social work?
  • Does PTI believe on power politics?
  • Is Imran khan using Shaukat Khanum Cancer hospital funds for politics?
  • Does PTI just revolve around Imran khan?
  • Will PTI compromise on its objectives?
  • Why there are not many famous faces in PTI?
  • Who will hold important offices, if PTI comes into power?
  • Why PTI is still unable to get large vote bank?
  • Can PTI bring change being so against the Establishment of country?
  • Why Imran khan refused to be Musharaf’ Prime Minister?
  • Why PTI supported General Musharaf in past?
  • How can I watch videos online related to PTI?

Current Affairs

  • What are different activities of PTI these days?
  • Will PTI make electoral alliance in coming elections?
  • Who will be candidates from PTI in coming elections?
  • Will recent reference against Imran khan’s disqualification from nation assembly affect struggle of PTI?
  • What is matter between MQM and Imran khan?
  • Is there any chance that Imran khan will back off from his stance against Altaf hussain?
  • Why Imran khan is sitting with PML-N and other parties as in past he spoke against them?

Party Ideology and Objective

  • What is ideology of PTI?
  • What is objective of PTI?
  • What PTI wants to do in order to bring change in Pakistan?

Party Policies and Plans

  • What are PTI educational reforms?
  • How PTI plans to bring economic revolution in Pakistan?
  • How PTI plans to increase jobs in country?
  • What is PTI stance on provisional autonomy?
  • What plans PTI have for Independent Judiciary?

Party Membership

  • What makes PTI different from other political parties?
  • Why should I join PTI?
  • How can I become an active member of PTI?
  • What can I do for PTI after becoming member?
  • Why should I donate?
  • How can I donate?