Allegations on Imran Khan By Imran Kazmi

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Allegations on Imran Khan By Imran Kazmi

On January 2, 1915, Theodore MacManus wrote the "Penalty of Leadership" for his client, Cadillac, without mentioning the name even once, ultimately adopted by many including Elvis Presley and others for its finesse, class and honesty. I will quote only two sentences from it to set the stage

"The leader is assailed because he is a leader, and the effort to equal him is merely added proof of that leadership. FAILING to equal or to excel, the follower seeks to depreciate and to DESTROY — but only confirms once more the SUPERIORITY of that which he strives to supplant."

Let's get the facts here, I am an advocate of women's rights to the extent that last year I formed a party for women in Pakistan which was covered by DawnTV, SamaaTV and some others - so, when I say I fight for women's honor, respect and equal place in society, I mean it. I fought for Reham Khan, I fought for Asia Bibi, the convict of "blasphemy" one cannot be sure if it was such or her denial of favor to some? I cried for Riley Ann Sawyers in the US also known as "Baby Grace" murdered at 2-1/2 by her step dad in front of her mother, I fought for an Indian Child with an abnormal head who needed surgery done. There are countless examples of my commitment to females without any bias or discrimination of any sort.

However, Ayesha Gulali's case has so many inconsistencies that a man of even a little sanity would find it hard to justify her claims. Why, for example, does it take a seemingly "bold & beautiful" woman, empowered by her parents, as she claims, and a sister playing a rather "Western" game in similar attire in a highly conservative area, someone vocal since teenage - why such a confident lady, who assuredly must have faced, handled, rejected, managed sexual or flirtatious advances from men - took 4 YEARS to disclose her grievance with Imran Khan within DAYS of the DISQUALIFICATION of the SITTING PRIME MINISTER OF PAKISTAN, Mian Nawaz Sharif on the basis of a case filed BY Imran Khan Niazi against him severely upsetting the balance of feudal + technocratic + corruption power equation of Pakistan and in the process hurting people with stakes on no less than 80% of the wealth of the country, whether stashed in here or outside!!! This "coincidence" of her revelation's & timing raises more than an eyebrow, it actually opens up a can of worms.

That can of worms opened by Ayesha Gulali, who speaks of unverified, undisclosed "harassment" messages to her, spills the beans on the conspirators apparently using her to achieve their ends: DISCREDIT & DESTROY IMRAN KHAN NIAZI. The words of Theodore MacManus from "The Penalty of Leadership" ring once again in my ears.

One cannot help but wonder that a man, who even nearing 70 has more female fan following then men a third of his age, would find reason to leave aside a tough life and send lewd messages that he knows very well could be used against him? Who has a BEAUTIFUL & STILL COMMITTED / LOYAL EX WIFE in the UK, who is leaving NO STONE unturned to support him? For no rhyme or reason? Or because he's a pervert? It makes no sense for Imran Khan Niazi to stoop low to get women, for women have laid in his feet from his adolescence, logically it's nonsense EVEN THEN, if Ms Gulali were speaking the truth with a massive press conference few days after Nawaz' being booted out of the PM house, WHAT ON EARTH STOPPED THE WOMAN from sharing SCREEN SHOTS of Imran's messages? Instead of going to PMLN paid Geo Anchor Hamid Mir and showing him "privately" while all her allegations were made publicly!!! These aren't mere inconsistencies, they are clear signs of a false flag operation by PMLN and their brothers in arms PPP, both of whom face clear extinction and more likely leadership doing jail time... their elder bro Altaf already in trouble, it's their turn that they wish to avoid, by hook or by crook... the latter seizing the day for them, experience one might say comes in handy in times like these!

Democracy, sadly, for Pakistan, has never borne it's desired outcomes as it has in the West - US, EU, Australia, Canada and so forth; it has, instead, bred a dark alliance, a collusion of criminals, thugs, killers, looters, rapists, the scum of the land, who have by hook and crook held on to power unless booted out by the Generals and in whatever time they've had, severely hurt the nation financially, in terms of repute and post 2007 even internationally. Few amongst you may have forgotten "MemoGate" and "DawnLeaks" - not to mention, secret meetings with persona non gratas in exceptional circumstances (Jindal)

Ayesha Gulali's allegations are not even a problem, the are the symptoms, of a seething with anger, in fear of displacement establishment who want their enemies smothered, from the "new" Prime Minister (old wine in a new bottle) insistence of repealing Article 62, hence ensuring corruption "is how we win" as the Americans spoke in the movie "Syriana" to having Imran Khan dead at ANY cost, but cannot, for fear of raising a million Imran Khan's from his ashes, so they seek, as Mr MacManus wrote more than a 100 years ago, to destroy him.

To them, and to you, MacManus's last line contains my prediction: THAT WHICH DESERVES TO LIVE, LIVES

The ball has been set rolling, Nawaz Sharif is now a criminal in the eyes of the highest court of Pakistan after due consideration and process, his entire family is in hot waters as a menial but important sample of their corruption and foreign remittance has been uncovered. So are his Cabinet members.

Yet, one thing that I cannot fathom, is the Honorable Courts assumption that a "non Sadiq and Amin" Prime Minister's Cabinet cannot be full of angels. His flouting the courts decision through a public mockery of motorcade, rather a preemptive election drive, and utter ridicule of the Courts' decision publicly by stating "the decision was taken beforehand" should propel the Courts to seek whichever Institution they trust (and one could think of only one) amongst those in hand of the corrupt, to step forward and remove this Kangaroo Court Government, under the Supreme Court explicit directive without much further adieu.

Or pave the way for chaos, civil war and blame games the likes of which one doesn't see in soap operas.

A populace of 200 million underfed, uneducated, terror and hate ridden, poor and unjustly treated people deserve better.

Who, then amongst the Courts, or our safeguarding Institutions will step forward to protect the nation? Ayesha Gulali may very well be the tip of the iceberg...