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PTI UAE celebrated 70th Anniversary of Pakistan last night i.e. 17th August, 2016. Mr.Naeem Ul Haq, Central Information Secretary PTI graced the event organized by elected body of PTI in UAE. Mr. Ali Zadi, Senior Party Leader also joined the event.
PTI Chief Organizer MiddleEast met with different PTI UAE teams and Elected Bodies on 13th Aug 2016 in Dubai.
I would like to form an Election Committee that shall under my direction coordinate with the teams and MCs on the ground to carryout day to day tasks and activates. It is very important for us to work as a team in a professional manner, thus communication is the first step towards our goal.
We, the PTI EC UAE is pleased to inform " Panel Nomination Forms and all the necessary documents have been validated and also all panel submission fees reveived. PTI International Finance Board has acknowledged all the payments.
PTI UAE Election Commission has extended the nomination submission for panels  by 16th September, midnight UK time.
Membership drive for UAE chapter has ended on 11-Sept-2015 and the chapter now goes into the next stage of elections.
We hate to issue such notifications but it is great displeasure to announce that Mr. Shahid Nazir Warraich's basic membership of PTI is cancelled and he is being suspended effective immediately until further notice.
The moment has arrived for UAE 11th September 2015 will be the cut-off date for membership drive. We believe that very important milestone is achieved in terms of setting up proper organized structure in the region.

PTI UAE Election Press Release

Tuesday, 11 August 2015 18:59 | READ MORE
After successful delivering elected body in Saudi Arabia, OIC is about to achieve another important milestone in middle-east by announcing Intra-Party elections for the first time in UAE. So far UAE did not achieve the membership targets to its potential and we believe they could do better.
Subsequent to the appointment of the Chief Elections Commissioner on 24 March 2015, the one clause of the TORs, which attracted the maximum interest was the first one which said that the EC will be responsible to hold elections within the country and ABROAD. Since the OIC, whose Secretary is duly elected, has been holding elections of various chapters Theretofore, it was assumed that their powers will be stripped. This caused maximum uncertainty and confusion, specially in the UK chapter, as elections there had been announced.
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