PTI will support all developments towards peace through dialogue: PTI Core Committee

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While PTI appreciates the trust reposed in its Chairman, the Core Committee concluded the Chairman cannot be a part of the 5- member TTP-named arbitration committee. PTI has however, asked the KPK government to facilitate the dialogue process in any way it can.

PTI reiterates it will support all developments towards peace through dialogue within the parameters of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. In this connection we have given FIVE clear guiding principles for dialogue.

One: It must be within the parameters of the Constitution.

Two: To create a positive environment, there must be a ceasefire from both sides, especially an end to terror attacks during duration of the talks.

Three: the talks must be open and transparent so we know how they are progressing; what are the impediments; and who are the saboteurs. We must be prepared for sabotage by enemies of Pakistan.

Four: The Prime Minister should demand of the US govt an end to drone attacks so that the talks are not droned as happened last time.

Five: Once talks commence, we need time lines so that results can be achieved. Time is the essence as powerful vested interests and anti Pakistan elements will be looking to sabotage the process.

After a decade of destruction suffered by the people of Pakistan, the nation must ensure that peace is re-established and bloodshed of our civilians, security personnel and armed forces ends.

PTI again asks all parties to thwart the designs of Pakistan's enemies and help further peace through dialogue. The dialogue needs to be started immediately so that peace can come to the people of Pakistan without any further loss of lives.

Central Media Cell

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf