Yellow cab scheme is a black scam: Ejaz Ch

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Yellow Cab Scheme is a Black Scam

PTI Punjab president Ejaz Chaudhary said PMLN continues with its massive corruption as their schemes turn out to be flops and all of them have been on looted taxpayers money. He said after corruption in Yellow Cab scheme of 90s, now the friends and family of Sharifs are using the 20,000 vehicles under Youth Self Employment Scheme 2012. He said Punjab Government has launched a similar scheme this year too to provide 50,000 vehicles at a cost of Rs31 billion. He said again these vehicles will be distributed among the near and dears of Sharifs.

Secretary General Yasmin Rashid said this ApnaRozgar Scheme is Rozgar Scheme for Sharif friends and family. As the assets of the Sharif family are going up while the state institutions are becoming bankrupt.
She said out of 20,000 vehicles only 1,945 vehicles were registered as taxis with the Transport Department she said remaining 18,055 vehicles are being used for purposes other than specified in the scheme. She said the Sharifs are masters at Ponzi schemes.

Information secretary Andleeb Abbas said not only these schemes flopped but also the self-glorification of Sharif brothers on account of public money is illegal and unconstitutional. She said the way Punjab Government has run massive advertisement campaigns to promote Sharif brothers faces is totally unacceptable.
Andleeb Abbas criticized the role of National Assembly and the performance of public accounts committee for not taking up the issue. She said CM should come into National Assembly and explain this corruption and wrongdoings. She demanded that an independent committee should be setup to investigate the mega corruption of Punjab Government.

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