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Multan (20 July, 2014): PTI vice chariman Shah Mehmood said that wWomen play an important role to bring positive change in the society.
Multan (21 May, 2014): The Election tribunal has directed NADRA to carry out the thumb verification of voters in NA-154 constituency of Lodhran. The Election Tribunal Judge announced the decision on the plea of PTI secretary general Jahangir Tareen.
Islamabad/Multan (13 Jan, 2014): PTI vice chairman Shah Mehmood welcomed Supreme Court decision to postpone Local Bodies elections in Punjab and Sindh.
 Multan (28 Nov, 2012): Lawyers Forum delegation met party president Javed Hashmi and discussed intra party elections
Multan: PTI President Javed Hashmi has called for an independent commission for accountability of generals and politicians
Dr.Rubina celebrated eid with the people of kachi basti , Jamilabad and distributed eidi among the childeren there . She said that the deprived class of the society deserves the most of our support . She assured the people that PTI shall change their fate after coming to power.
 Lahore: PTI Leaders showed sorrows over Multan Factor Blast. Chairman Imran Khan, Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Central President Javed Hashmi and others expressed deep sorrows with affectees of the incident.
Multan: Former Provincial president Mr. Ahsan Rasheed saif PTI the most popular party of south punjab

Membership Camps By ISF Multan

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MULTAN : ISF Multan has worked really actively during the membership drive. ISF tigers moved shop to shop and street to street in order to spread the message of change.
Multan: We highly condemn restoration of NATO supply. USA has no rights to interfere in our internal affairs.USA must apologize to us.
 PTI President Javed Hashmi & Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi addressed the gatherings in Multan.
Multan: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Inasf  has become the voice of masses said by Shah Mehmood Qureshi in Multan

Membership Camps By ISF Multan

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MULTAN : ISF Multan Tigers have worked tirelessly to bring in more members for PTI during this ongoing Membership Drive. Membership Camps were arranged at Mumtazabad, Ghanta Ghar, Gulshan Market, Jalal Chowk, Chungi#9, Chowk Kumharan, Double Phattak, Aziz Hotel, Multan Cantt, Haram Gate, Pak Gate, Eid Gah Chowk, Chah Thallay Wala, Sadar Bazar, Mall Plaza, Khan Plaza, Basti Laar, Sarafa Bazar and Hassan Arcade Cantt. The way people have responded to the call by ISF volunteers showa that people of Pakistan are now desperate to change the current political mafia. They take Chairman Mr. Imran Khan as a symbol of Revolution. People said that both ISF and PTI will InshAllah sweep the upcoming elections and all the status quo parties will be washed away by the Imran Khans Tsunami. They have highly appreciated the passion, spirit and selfless dedication towards the Membership Drive by ISF Multan.
MULTAN : Vice Chairman PTI Mr. Shah Mehmood Qureshi has appreciated the efforts ISF has done during the Membership Drive in different cities of Punjab. While talking to the ISF Multan Tigers, he said : ISF is the backbone and the real asset of PTI. This youth is the actual power of Imran Khan. All these determined ISF boys and girls are the future of Pakistan. Our nation is extremely blessed to have such dedicated youngsters.
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