Clarification of news about Fake Membership

Wednesday, 09 August 2017 19:56 | READ 3184 TIMES Written by 
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With reference to the article published in The News

PTI USA LLC has investigated the issue and the findings are as follows.

1. Mr. Rana Wasif mentioned in the news was not charged for any membership.

2. During registration a member typed incorrect email and that is how he (Mr. Rana Wasif of Lahore) got the email.

3. The assumption/accusation in the news that somehow his Credit Card information was taken from Shaukhat Khanum is completely false.

4. PTI USA LLC has no connection with Shaukat Khanum Hospital

5. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is an outgoing email only and no email is received/read on this email address.

6. Mr. Faisal Irshad of PTI USA LLC had a phone conversation with Mr. Rana Wasif in Lahore and it was confirmed that his Credit card was not charged.

7. Attached is the driver license of Rana Wasif here in NY.

The news item is False and misleading. It reports that PTI USA is making FAKE members and that it has charged the credit card of Mr Rana living in Lahore. It also tries to suggest that the donor list of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospitals being used to create these FAKE members.

As we have found out that none of this true. The issue was a simple typo in the email address that was registered and a confirmation email was sent and was the basis of this Issue.


Ali Asim Khan

Information Secretary