Vote Registration

Download Voter Verification Forms:

Form (2) - Family Registration: CLICK HERE:

Form (A) - Individual Registration: CLICK HERE:

Standard Operating Procedures for ROs, PCOs, DOs :

Step by step information for PTI organizers on how to conduct voter registration Campaign in thier areas. Information in both Urdu and English is available at the following link.

To View or Download: CLICK HERE:

Contact Details of All Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) Representatives:


Why should I vote?

One of the most critical step to bring change in Pakistan is to get your votes registered for next general elections in Pakistan.

ECP Voter Verification Door-to-Door Drive: 22nd Aug till 30th Nov 2011.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has announced its door-to-door voter verification drive which will run from 22nd Aug till 30th Oct 2011. Note: The original deadline has been extended from 30th Sept till 30th Oct, 2011.

The Vote Registration Process:

During the Door-to-Door dtive the ECP representative will bring the Electrol lists with them. If your name is present in the list and the address and information is correct, you will just verify it and will not be required to fill a new form.

If your name is missing in the list, or you are registrating your vote for the first time, then you will fill you FORM (A) orFORM 2 to register your vote.

Which Documents Are Required?

1. Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) Number.

2. Your complete address with "Meen Sheem Number" - the one written outside your house by cencus board.

Who is eligible to register as a voter?

As per ECP:I am entitled to be registered as a voter, if:

  1. I am a Pakistani citizen
  2. I am not less than eighteen (18) years of age
  3. I have not been convicted by any court of law
  4. I am a resident of the area/ owner of, or in possession of immovable property in Pakistan.

Note for Overseas Pakistanis:

ECP has recently awarded the right of vote to overseas Pakistanis. The modalities and implementation details are being chalked out current and PTI is closely following this effort.

Election Commission did not visit my house, my vote is still not registered!

In case no representative from ECP visits your house till 30th Nov, you must contact ECP or your local PTI organizer.

1. Election Commission Contact:

Address Secretary Office Telephone

Election Commission Of Pakistan Secretariat, Election House (+92)(51)(9201975) (+92)(51) (9206062)

Constitution Avenue G-5/2 Fax

Islamabad (+92)(51) (9205402) (+92)(51) (9205300)

Email [email protected]

For ECP Provincial Offices: CLICK HERE:


2. PTI Organizers Contact Details: CLICK HERE:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) : All your questions regarding elections.

How Can I Help In This Campaign:

Help out to register the vote:
1. You can take a printout of this FORM (A)
2. Make as many photocopies as you can and distribute it among your family and friends.
3. Make sure you encourage and help to register your parents, uncles,aunties, relatives, and friends.
Spread the Word:
1. Discuss the importance of registration of votes at your educational institutions.
2. Start youth mobilization campaigns at your educational institutions.
3. Write about it in newspapers, magazines, notice boards.
4. Make awareness on social media - twitter, facebook, forums, youtube etc.
5. Post the link of this page on social media:

Contact PTI Voter Registration Team - Email:[email protected]

Moazam Ali Rashid (Founding Member) : Islamabad: [email protected] Cell: 0334 5245644


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