This unprecedented research was conducted in Islamabad, federal capital of Pakistan by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) members and non-members using convenience sampling.Total 2,420 questionnaires were distributed among PTI members and non-members (the enumerators); collected 1,495 filled questionnaires and considered 897 questionnaires for analysis. Citizens aged eighteen and above were interviewed; field work was conducted from September to December 2011 and January to December 2012.
Author: Nada Tahir Only days after Pakistan reopened the NATO supply routes into Afghanistan after a 7 month hiatus following the killing of 24 Pakistani soldiers by NATO in November, the US has expressed hope that this move might mark the beginning of a new phase of reconciliation for the two allies.
Author: Zaid Khan This short paper outlines Pakistan’s potential in hydro, coal, gas, oil and alternative energy sources. It is vital to meet the country’s energy requirement as this is directly linked to the economic development. This can only be achieved if economical and sustainable energy is provided.
Author: Meinhaj Hussain Despite the doom and gloom of the present crisis in the Western Front, the Pakistan defence establishment remains one of the few institutions in the Muslim world that have the ability to execute successful long-term strategic defence policies....
Author: Asad Mahmood This report focuses on the industrial development options open to Pakistan. However, these options need to be placed in context and to this end there are discussions about the industrial economic development... Read More
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