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Our David and Goliath Moment - Inasf Blog


In the destiny of our nation, as we stand at a crucial juncture, we are witnessing an epic battle of David and Goliath right here in our beloved country. The battle lines are clearly drawn; On one side we have the forces of a very powerful, well-entrenched, fully exposed corrupt mafia, gnawing at the flesh of the poor for their personal enrichment and on the other side a lone son of the soil fighting tirelessly to rid our system of this debilitating rot. 

We have all seen this mafia nakedly exposed time and again, may it be the multi-billion off shore assets of Nawaz Sharif, who couldn’t come up with an iota of evidence explaining their existence, despite being given numerous opportunities by the highest court of the land, or his corrupt brother Shahbaz, who couldn’t explain billions landing into the account of his scions through dozens of TT’s credited through fake accounts right here at home. We have all seen Maryam unabashedly deny any existence of her offshore assets, all the while she was proven to be the beneficial owner through Panama Papers.

We have all witnessed how the son of a former Prime Minister, who’s claim to fame was stealing the necklace of the Turkish first lady, bribe parliamentarians of PTI, all captured in a video recording to vote for his father. And the entire nation is witness to the thuggery of the grandest thug of them all, Asif Ali Zardari, who’s infamous Prime Minister, Raja Rental, famously said on the floor of the parliament last month that advance payments have already been made to PTI MNA’s to vote against their party. Not to speak of Mullah Diesel, who has unashamedly time and again cashing in on the religious sentiments of our innocent. Not to speak of the Achakzai’s and other known anti-state actors supporting the mafia, in their impure efforts to malign our military and weaken the country from within to such an extent that it self-implodes. 

On the other side we have an honest Prime Minister, who despite inheriting a devastated economy has managed to completely revive our dead textile sector, to an extent that they are performing at record levels, as we go from a failed imported based growth model of Nawaz regime to a more sustainable industrial and export-based growth model. As we witness a stellar performance in the real estate sector, our FBR has managed to not just meet, but exceed revenue collection targets set for it this financial year. We have managed to not only balance our primary budget, but today enjoy a surplus in the balance of payments, a feat not achieved in our recent history. A miracle is happening in the health sector, where free health care insurance is about to be provided to the entire population, a feat even some of the most developed nations have not been able to achieve. This all despite a global pandemic which has brought world powers to their knees, but due to good governance, we have fared much better compared all countries in our region. Indeed, all this is not sufficient, as much more work needs to be done to lift our poorest from poverty, and to break the cycle of inflationary price hike brought about by stopping the artificially management of the dollar-rupee parity. 

Hence the choice is crystal clear in tomorrow’s vote of confidence, either we support the very powerful forces of the Status Quo and its corrupt Mafia whose decades long impure rule has brought our country to the verge of disaster, or we support our honest, tirelessly hardworking, selfless leader Imran Khan, not just for our better present, but for a better future of our children’s children in a Pakistan standing tall in the committee of nations. Pakistan Zindabaad!