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Pakistan; a dear homeland and “very dear” for some claiming to be the most patriotic, has been facing multiple turmoil predominantly the political instability being the most critical these days.

Mach 18,2023 will be marked as another crucial day, on one side PSL final watch held and hats off to the security in charges who took care of all international delegates otherwise it would be a big question on country’s reputation. But sadly, the very people of Pakistan, who deserve the due protection did not receive any.

In previous days we have seen many members of PDM provoking ‘Imran Khan’ as coward for not being physically present in the court. However, Ex PM has legally submitted a plea on security issues and assurance to be present in court on set date which is legal. We have seen Khan departing his home with his convoy sharing his concerns that he might be imprisoned, leaving Bushra Bibi behind not knowing that a very illegal assault will be done behind his back on his residency.

First a legal order is received from PEMRA to all for not on airing any kind of footage reason said the content will be unacceptable. Contrary to the fact that PTV in previous days has clearly shown picture of a jackal with Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif as Lion. Both have been the Ex Prime Ministers of Pakistan and being a National Channel it is their responsibility to teach decency to “youth” whom they term as “youthia”. You cannot complain for bad crop you cultivate because this is what you are exactly breeding.

The most discouraging and heart wrenching thing was seeing Ex P.M Imran Khan’s son drawings, paintings and pictures torn, smashed and thrown. Those men who raided his residency might not have any affiliation with those pictures, but for Khan they were more than memories, more than a sense of serenity and a connection to feel the presence of his children whom he did not meet in previous few years in spite having the privilege to fly with protocol for free, don’t forget that Khan has already lost his beloved wife and sons for the controversies he had been embracing even though when he was not a Prime Minister.

It is a question that raid was preplanned that was mis-planned somehow, if we scrutinize Bibi Maryam Safdar’s interview given to the journalist Mr Mansoor Ali Khan aired a night before the raid, many dots connect then and we find many hints in it.  In the interview Miss Maryam accused Mr Khan for running a terrorist party though the interviewer asked her to rethink and rephrase her statement to which she was adamant. She wished his house to be raided, and did not appreciate the people who support his party calling them terrorists too.

Indeed the workers, admirers and supporters are seen throwing stones and stuff on police but what do you expect in return from public who are facing high inflation, low incomes, poor economy, poor standards of life and the only freedom of casting vote and supporting their party have been snatched away too? The repress only creates further anarchy. We all need to build an air of peace.

It was appreciative that P.M Shehbaz Sharif sent an Olive branch to Mr Khan, we expect that both leaders come to terms for the betterment of the country and establish peace, which in a response Imran Khan shared too. But playing dirty blame games will only lead to civil war and blood shed.

We all love our country and we expect that external powers and organizations may not take advantage of such situations as this matter has been taken to foreign media too, since Maryam Aurengzeb the Information Minister has also given very provocative remarks to foreign media. The polarization is too dangerous at this point, it will only ignite more aggression. If we want peace, we need to go for fair elections without already declaring them “rigging”. Because in the end that is the only enjoyment and ownership left with pressurized and depressed public. Peace can be established without bloodshed, if people in right power play their due role.

May the peace prevail. Pakistan Zindabad.