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October 28, Friday afternoon, was an incredible experience of mystical ecstasy onboard the magical , mystical March for freedom. 

The captain of the Justice ship, Imran Khan, protected by the power of Allah & an army of angels , opened the Haqeequi Azadi Long March in his hometown of Lahore. 

His opening spell was a no holds barred fiery attack on the Mir Jafars & Mir Sadiqs. It set the crowds gathered on fire . 

Imran Khan’s following is a cross section of every demographic in the country. 

Youth & women enraptured with the slogans of Allah & Prophet Muhammad ( SAW) , swaying & singing to modern sufi music & national Taranas. Add to this the core ingredients of IK’s powerful oratory & it sends millions across Lahore city & Pakistan into fits of frenzy. 

From the slow moving container Imran Khan  surrounded by his PTI team addressed the ocean of Junoonis armed with cell phones. 

Even though Khan’s fiery speeches are heavily censored on mainstream media , Pakistanis broadcast the speeches through their phones & share videos  widely on social media.

The Fascist state is ill equipped to face a multi pronged protest mosaic by IK. He has perfected the art of protest over the years but especially so in his epic fight back after being removed from office , 6 months back. 

His life’s journey has reached a super climactic moment , coinciding with Pakistan’s edge of the precipice predicament: perpetual Slavery or Freedom.

During the past week many analysts & experts were worried about what would happen…. Would there be a long March ? Will it lead to Blood & anarchy ? Would Khan be eliminated ? Will the people abandon Khan ?

At dinner conversations the discourse revolved around “ What is going to happen “ ? Many People’s fears, anxieties & prejudices have ruled their hearts: Are we in an East Pakistan moment ? Is this the French Revolution ? Or will the army pull off an Egypt like Martial law ? & Who killed Arshad Sharif ?

These questions & more swirled around the dinner gathering across Pakistan.

But the sceptics & cynics should factor in the Khan quotient, which has proven to be like Supertonic Light Energy. 

He told me yesterday before the March that Faith IS the key & our only control is over our intention, efforts , planning & strategy. 

He gave the example of Jinnah, who struggled for freedom for 40 years. During the last decade of his life, he battled lung cancer, the British Raj & the Indian Congress. 4 weeks before independence he remarked that he never knew  IF Pakistan would be achieved within his lifetime.

Imran Khan also is fighting for a goal which is larger than life, a Mount Everest climb to achieve Haqeequi Azadi.

Yesterday & today the people of Pakistan have not let IK down . They’ve lined along the streets of Punjab with hope in their eyes & Junoon in their hearts. Each day brings us closer . I asked him if this “ test match”  was 5 days or 10?

His response was a confident , insightful prediction : “ By FRIDAY”. 

The other important aspect of this soft revolution is the power of arts & culture in Pakistan. 

From the DJ’s speakers NFAK’s “ Shukr hai tera” , RFAK’s “Hum Dekhein gey” Strings, “mein to dekhoon ga” Najam Shiraz Allah Hoo & naat, Junoon ‘s Jazba / Allah Hoo & all the high energy PTI anthems recharged the waving , delirious crowds . The feeling is of hope & change.

 The music subtly opens the Qalb & makes the hearts & minds more receptive to the message of True Freedom.

 If you take away the music , rhythm & poetry you would not be able to reach the dynamic states of FUNNA that millions have witnessed over the  past six months mobilising Pakistanis to take on a fascist state.

Between now and next Friday, anything can happen . This is Pakistan, uncertainty , it’s in the DNA. 

Rumi said “ Give up your cleverness & embrace uncertainty “ . The wisdom is transcendental & accurate. 

It would be a very foolish person to bet against Imran Khan. His 70 years of experience on this earth has proved to us & him that his instincts & logic are the keys to sustainable success. 

Cricket superstar, Rockstar humanitarian & a Houdini Politician , his multiple roles provide a glimpse into the infinite potential a human being has been gifted by the Almighty.

With the Magical, Mystical March, It’s seems as if Imran Khan has posed one existential question to over 220 million Pakistanis :

Why do you crawl when you have wings ?

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