There is something rotten in the state of Pakistan. | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf


On Thursday , November 3, around 3:30 pm in the afternoon, a hail of bullets began to rain down in Wazirabad. Thousands of people in the streets ran for cover, while one had a gun pointed at the container.

Chairman PTI , Former Pakistani Prime Minister , Imran Khan , was the intended target of this Mafia style , calibrated assassination attempt. 

More than one , maybe as many as three shooters were sent to eliminate Khan. What transpired was like a  chaotic scene out of a Godfather movie. The first burst of gunfire followed by a second swift round managed to seriously injure Khan & 14 others on the container. Two retaliatory pistol shots from the container  could also be heard. Down in the street , two brave Imran Khan Junoonis , Ibtisam & Moazzam took on the assailant and prevented him from aiming for Khan’s vital organs . Ibtisam survived but Moazzam gave his life to save Khan’s. The visible assailant , a plumber , was arrested.

It’s a miracle Imran Khan is alive. He took 4 bullets into his lower limb. Two of the bullets went into his flesh missing his right femoral artery by less than half an inch. Had they breached or severed the femoral artery , he would’ve bled to death in less than 20 mins.

 Two bullets hit his right Tibia ( Calf bone) & his right Patella . The bullets were unable to break the bone & were dented. A fracture has resulted but could’ve been far more complicated & dangerous . There are bullet fragments in his left leg as well. They were left inside the body as they are not endangering any vital body organ.

Day 7 of the long March was dark & devoid of the Light that had illuminated the beginning of Imran Khan’s journey last Friday.

Imran Khan has named PM Sharif , Interior Minister Rana Sanullah & DG I , Major General Faisal Naseer as the chief architects of his assassination attempt. 

Since the attack on Thursday, angry protestors all across Pakistan have come out on the streets and demanded an independent investigation into this shocking attempted murder of a former Prime Minister of Pakistan and the most popular leader since Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Pakistan has already seen the violent deaths of Liaqat Ali Khan, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Zia Ul Haq, Benazir Bhutto , and if Allah & his army of angels had not Divinely intervened in Wazirabad to save Khan , Pakistan would be rudderless , soul less & descended into total chaos .

Khan , now recovering at SKMT, is determined to fight till the end. There is hope while he stays alive. But his enemies are many and they are desperate to cling onto power at all costs.

The biggest losers in this struggle for Haqeequi Azadi are the decrepit institutions of democracy . In the last six months , for example : the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has remained a silent spectator.

1) Recording /releasing Audios of Pakistan PM office & house. A huge breach of privacy & security.CJ SILENT.

2) daylight assassination attempt at @ImranKhanPTI CJ SILENT.

3) Custodial Torture , kidnappings, murders, illegal private videos of public figures: CJ SILENT.

4) Civil unrest across Pakistan & the SC is silent .

5) Senators being blackmailed by doctored Porn videos. Pakistan has fallen into the gutter & is there no way out ?

At this moment of Truth, Imran Khan is the one flickering Light still shining among the dark webs of deceit, dishonesty & treachery.

May Allah have Mercy on Pakistan.