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Fighting Climate Change Through Urban Forestation
The Prime Minister of Pakistan has launched urban forestry through miyawaki technique to help fight the pollution. The first experiment was placed at Liberty Chowk roundabout in 2020, followed by 50 more sites chosen in Lahore for urban forest. The miyawaki method is the technique of afforestation using vernacular species to create dense, multilayered forest. It helps the trees to grow faster, and denser. This unique way is also called the
Potted Seedling Method. It was introduced by Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki to fight climate change. He also specialized in the restoration of natural vegetation on degraded land. This the technique is the most efficient way to save the planet because it helps the trees, and plants to grow self sufficiently.

A Role to Boost Biodiversity:

Imran Khan has worked immensely to fight pollution, and global warming since he held the office. Last year at the Climate Ambition Summit 2020, he addressed the country’s effort to alleviate the effects of climate change.

Another milestone for Imran Khan is his Plant for Pakistan campaign which is a five-year project to plant 10 billion trees across the country. According to the Borgen Project, “The World Health Organization has given Pakistan $188 million for the 10 Billion Tree Tsunami and Recharge Pakistan initiatives, which aim to better utilize floodwater to recharge aquifers that had been used up as a result of unchecked water pumping and drilling. To ensure this money is readily available when needed, it will be kept in the National Disaster Risk Management Fund.”


Hope for Better Future:

Every big name has addressed the issue of global climate change at every big platform. This is the time for the world to unite and save the planet earth. The cricketer-turned politician promised justice, and healthy life for all. Pakistan is the fifth most impacted country in the world as indicated by GermanWatch Global Climate Risk Index, 2020. There is a dire requirement for at the same time raising aspiration for environment activity, while likewise fabricating versatility and adjusting to the certain effects of environmental change.

We all hope that one day we see a prosperous, and green Pakistan again. The urban forestation will help the country in a long term manner, and will add to the positive contributions by a state over global issue.

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