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When did I start following Imran khan?
I remember asking my mother back in 2008 "Who are we going to vote for?" because it was election year and it was all over the news  I was a kid and obviously did not understand politics at that time, I was hardly 6 or 7 and I remember my mother told us "We support Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf lead by Imran khan but they have boycotted these elections"
Yes this was my first introduction to PTI at a time when I didn't know the ABC of politics and how could I? I was just 7 but I just knew that we support Imran khan
It was in late 2011 or start of 2012 that I started following politics properly and that's when I realized what's been happening in our country for years and years in the name of "Democracy" yes that's when I started following Imran khan, I was in 7th grade, I remember the Minar e Pakistan jalsa, I remember sticking to the television for hours everyday to watch Khan sahab's speech, even during my exams and not just me my whole family :) Imran khan has taught, literally "taught" me about our political system, democracy, i follow him and  his ideology and that too since childhood, I've learnt so much from him, bravery, fearlessness, honesty, patriotism and above all never giving up :')
He taught me and I'm sure everyone of us "To question authority" to demand answers from your leadership to not be blind supporters 
He schooled us about what we could've been, the greatness we were deprived of because of our corrupt leaders, he singlehandedly schooled this stupid nation of their rights otherwise we would've been still stuck there right? 
We were blinded by the Nawaz and Zardari regime, this nation believed everything they said, they never knew how to question them because they were never given this right by their so called leaders 
We Insafians on the other hand are lucky to have Khan sahab as our leader he gave us this right we can question him, we can demand an answer from him  he taught to never blindly follow anyone, not even him. 
To me he is the definition of "leadership" I always get angry when someone calls him a "politician" I stop them right away because he's not a politician he's a leader  and i always get the reply "What is he doing in politics if he's not a politician, if he doesn't know about politics.." yes he doesn't believe in the political system that's been in our country for ages now he's not a traditional politician and Alhamdulillah for that, you see this as his weakness? That's his strength 
So yes that's how Imran khan turned from a" Cricketing legend" to a leader, mentor and ideal for me 
I remember calling him "Quaid jesa mera Quaid" 
In reply to which someone said "are you comparing him to Quaid e Azam?" and I said no, I'm not comparing him to Quaid, I'm just so proud of him for following Quaid's legacy, Quaid wanted us to be a great nation free from corruption a "Free nation" he did not fight all his life to get us independence from Britishers only so his descendants can be slaves of America, and that's what we've been doing for years finally we have found a leader who knows ho to look the west in their eyes, for whom his country's pride is more important someone who's not afraid of the USA someone who's not corrupt, so why would I not say that he's following our Quaid s legacy?

In this corrupt polluted system he came as a "tiny ray of hope" hope for a better prosperous and corruption free Pakistan. 
He is without a doubt Pakistan's  most precious possession, like a thing we want to keep forever, 
Someone we can't even think of losing 
He's that person for Pakistan.
It won't be wrong to say that he's done some kind of magic on this nation, this nation is crazy about him and he has earned it with years and years of waiting, resilience, patience hardwork and what not? 
And now that the next general elections are just around the corner it also won't be wrong to say that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is going to win with a 2/3rd majority In'sha'Allah 
Pakistan Zindabad 
Imran khan painda'bad.

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