Hum kharay thay | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
Jahangir Khan Tareen speaking to the people of Lodhran. He said "Mein jab tak zinda hoon Lodhran ki Khidmat karoon ga, aur apni aulad ko yeh naseehat kar ke jaoon ga ke woh bhi Lodhran ki khidmat karain"
Only PTI can claim participation of the whole family including kids, who display their patriotism through self-made banners.
This young gentleman raised funds for PTI during the Election Campaign from EME society in Lahore. He also took his family multiple times to the Dharna in Islamabad
May 9, 2013 The day when Islamabad residents read out the pledge of Naya Pakistan with Imran Khan; and gave one of the most thunderous welcome to Imran Khan who joined from Live Link from his bed in Shaukat Khanum Hospital Lahore.
A few years ago Politics was considered dirty and dangerous. PTI has changed this trend and now parents encourage their children to participate in PTI activities to support one man whom they trust, Chairman Imran Khan, who is destined to make Naya Pakistan!
Imran Khan at the Anti-Drone March
When our country's sovereignty was being violated via Drone attacks, there was one party who mobilized the public and led a historic march to Waziristan from Islamabad. Despite of the challenges, Imran Khan and the people of Pakistan led a two day march which made headlines in 200+ media outlets globally..
The common man of Pakistan sees Hope in Imran Khan and PTI, they traveled from remote areas for the Dharna and showed us that we are all in this together
One trademark of the PTI Jalsas is the involvement of families. Parents proudly bring their kids to participate in Nation building with Imran Khan.
The genuine celebrations by members of PTI Social Media after breaking the record of Live Streaming at PTI Jalsa (May 9, 2013 Islamabad)
This student is proudly displaying the PTI flag at his roof for the Election Campaign. The Youth has pledged with Imran Khan to build Naya Pakistan!
This man Imran Khan will never let us down. He has been firm for 20 odd years and will see to it that Pakistan gets liberated from the Status Quo. #HumKharayHain because of IK!
The caption in the banner says it all ... we are all proud to be from the Imran Khan era!