Obaid ur Rehman | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
Head SMT Sindh

Obaid ur Rehman is currently Head of PTI Social Media Team Sindh, he has been associated with PTI Social Media Team from Last 8 years.
Passion, this is one word that would describe him best. Like every other self-made individual, He started to work at a very young age. This exposure at such an early age changed his priorities early on. He started his career as a customer service representative in a B2B service call center. Working with clients, often disgruntled clients, allowed him to learn skills like: people management, negotiation, and it raised his EQ considerably.
With consistent efforts, learning and hard work; He climbed up the ladder with just the quality of his work and was often awarded certificates. This was an ecstatic start for him. He keeps on updating his skill, he feels the more updated you are, the more benefit you can bring to your organization. With this mindset and knack for self-improvement, He was quickly promoted to supervisor and then to Manager. His determination and consistency landed him by first major project for his company which was to build a call center for a Multinational Organization.

The passion inside him for the country always pushed him to do something. Hence he decided to volunteer for PTI. Slowly He got involved with the elections and handling social media. And become Operational Head of PTI Karachi, his team and he covered PTI gatherings, rallies and public appearances of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf and he handled big Jalsas tremendously. Again it was his work that flung him into the spotlight. All of this work was done willingly on a pro-bono basis. While it would have been an amazing career, He believed serving the country should never be for money.