The performance of Mehmood Khan - Nominated CM of KPK | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf


The detail of the performance of Mehmood Khan - Nominated CM of KPK 

  • He promoted Sports like no other person ever in history of KP.  The funds detail will be given by Junaid Khan DG Sports but he revamped all the major sports facilities in Peshawar and made about a 100 sports Grounds in KP.
  • The KP Youth Carnival is the biggest Youth Event in Pakistan held every year and it is also the brainchild of Mehmood Khan
  • He did a very good job but uplifting the culture ministry. Gave funds to artisans. Renovated the famous Nishtar Hall and Gor Ghatri Archaeological heritage sites. He worked on Museums and also did shows on Gandhara Civilization
  • He gave the first Youth Development Plan from KP and made the Youth Development Council (YDC). Under the KP Impact Challenge, he gave Rs. 50 crores to different start-ups with complete training from LUMS.

CM Nominated for KPK Mehmood Khan